Brake caliper paint kit, brembo Red 180gr

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kit contents: paint, hardener

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Professional paint for high temperatures FS Racing & Tuning
Kit for brake calipers 180gr
Series: Racing Line

New formula with peak thermal resistance at 290 ° C

kit contents: paint, hardener
Amount of paint useful for painting four brake calipers.

High-performance metal paint with hardness, thermal, chemical and anticorrosive resistance.



It is a two-component, natural-drying, solvent-based paint for metals with no heavy metals or substances deemed dangerous for the environment or for human beings. Particularly suitable for the protective coating and high-performance finishing of metal products for automotive, motorcycling, automotive, railway, aeronautical, industrial, agricultural, marine. Excellent for continuous exposure to the outside and to aggressive environments, stable up to a temperature of 290 ° C.


Chemical resistance: it is endowed with very high chemical resistance, proven by specific laboratory tests and confirmed by years of industrial applications. Resists even prolonged contact with solvents, weakly acidic and basic solutions, fuels, oils.

Thermal resistance: the film withstands thermal changes and has stability up to 290 ° C.

Outdoor resistance: it is developed to withstand atmospheric agents and aggressive environments, such as marine, chemical and steel industries.

Spray or brush application